Revival of the traditions of the Russian classical school of painting

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Welcome to a fascinating journey to Russian classic fine arts represented by the works of Alexander Abinov

Alexander was born in Sochi in 1973 in a family far cry from art. From an early age, he demonstrated remarkable skills not only in painting but also in sports. Interestingly enough that through the years art and sport will intersect in Alexander’s life where the latter will become a source of strength, motivation and success in his art career. When Alexander turned 6, his mom insisted he started art classes in a fine art school of Adler city in Krasnodar region. So he dropped sports and following stellar results in arts, the school principal insisted he should continue his studies in Moscow. In the age of 11, Alexander successfully passed exams to Moscow Fine Art School of Surikov Art University and moved to Moscow. Years spent in boarding school in Moscow of 90-ties were hard and sometimes dangerous but full of excitement around new experiences, intensive work and exploring. From the very beginning of his career, landscape paintings became Alexander’s favorite genre of fine art. However, during last years in school Alexander fell for Karate and after graduation took a pause in his art career and returned to sport where he achieved remarkable success. After almost a 10-year break, when he spent a lot of time travelling as a sportsman, he came back to painting full of new impressions, new energy and desire to work. Since that time his art works please audience of different continents and decore houses around the world.

«…Alexander Abinov belongs to those painters whose creative development compels my attention during the years. He does not step out of the traditional chamber landscape fine art. The size and subject of his works are quite unpretentious which expressively demonstrate his love to Painting and not to himself. That’s Alexander’s advantage – nowadays these characteristics are quite rare in the world of modern art. I invite all the fine art lovers to dip into the world of delicate and careful painting style of Alexander, who’s working in a harmony with his soul… »

Mikhail Shan’kov, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of the Fine Arts

“Being a sportsman in the past, today Alexander Abinov continues to demonstrate his charisma and always achieve what he wants to. He is keen to success in arts and this is a very important element in his file and career. Another secret of Alexander’s professional growth is that he never stops to learn. His art works of a classic chamber landscape stands for absolutely unique technique, realism and genuineness of theme.”

Vladimir Shtein, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of the Fine Art, professor of the Russian Academy of the fine art, sculpture and architecture